Saturday, 21 November 2009

Waiting for Sunday

Well, what a momentous 48 hours. It's like when the MP's expenses scandal broke in Britain (And that's still rumbling on). The mainstream, as usual, are playing catch up or playing the 'Climategate' story down. For my own part I'm waiting for people like the UK Daily Telegraph's Christopher Booker to get his teeth into the tale. There are going to be a lot of red faces before this business is over, from certain academic Climate research units, all the way up to their sponsors at the top of the political pile.

I think Sunday is when the wet brown smelly stuff will finally hit the mainstream fan. Two weeks was how long it took for the Yamal reconstruction saga to bubble into the mainstream. Shortly after that, the propaganda over man's effect on the climate seemed to drop off somewhat. The daily stories promising the end of the world seemed to fall off my radar, which was a shame, I was enjoying those. This time there is conclusive evidence against the big climate lie and several mainstream columnists will be gleefully driving their vorpal swords into it.

Privately I think those political leaders who tried to tell us that we only had so long to 'save the world' are going to be looking for exit strategies; the most popular of which will be pretending it never happened and finding another 'crisis' to talk up. When it comes to Climate, our latter day political 'gods' will be shown to be hollow men with leaden feet. There will be a lot of muttering while everyone involved backs away from the subject, perhaps even a form of human sacrifice in the form of a bankrupted and discredited politician. Funding for climate research will evaporate. Afterwards will be anticlimax with only a few activists shouting pointless slogans on their empty temple of climate doom web sites. Finally an embarrassed silence will reign on the subject, and the edifices to man's hubris over the weather will be left to crumble. I could of course be wrong, but I predict the much vaunted Copenhagen climate conference will be populated by second and third string politicians. The big boys will suddenly find they have more pressing matters to attend to. Well there's a surprise.


antikva said...

lol, they're using the old *we were hacked* and of course, don't know if everything released by the hackers is genuine.

Somebody should tell them that bloggers are used to people called out to respond with *it's not my fault, I was hacked* and so the excuse will be met with more skepticism than climate change.

Bill Sticker said...


I really don't think this one is going to go away for the AGW crowd, no matter how much they want to ignore it. One way or another the truth will leak out and eventually the dam of climate lies will break.

The Climate Change Emperor never had any clothes. My bet is still on Sunday.



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