Saturday, 14 November 2009

Oh.. that concensus

Another one of those 'glad I don't live there any more' moments.

The UK Times and Telegraph by the tone of their articles, seem a little miffed that just under sixty percent of the UK's general population don't think man made climate change is a done deal. I'm mildly surprised, but not amazed that forty one percent still believe the propaganda. The thing here is that the only people pushing the "Oh my GOD! If you don't do what we tell you you're all a-gonna DIE!" Are some minority pressure groups, sensationalising elements of the mainstream media and certain businessmen and politicians. In spite of the media carpet bombing, there is a growing movement in the scientific community which is examining the evidence and collectively going "Er, CO2 isn't the answer and the answer isn't that simple." Unfortunately for the rest of us, these guys speak and write a highly technical form of academic language which is almost incomprehensible to most people. Ergo we need translators. Yet the mainstream media, generally speaking, have fallen from this role of honest arbiter of the truth and gone with the dishonest emotionalising of the issue. The result is that the actual facts of what is, and what isn't happening to Earth's climate get buried.

From what I can make out there never has been a scientific 'consensus' as Gore claimed. The science was never 'settled' at all. It was just words. Inaccurately used and misleading words at that. Words that led to the setting up of the much vaunted 'carbon economy'.

Evidence is coming to light that fortunes are being made off carbon trading, despite the market tanking to ten cents a tonne on the Chicago exchange in August 2009. Last I looked in October the price had risen to fifteen cents a tonne, but what does that prove? People are actually making money selling an atmospheric trace gas to each other? It's a farce, a particularly unfunny joke. The elements involved are trying to create a new and private wealth creation scheme for themselves which actually becomes a tax on the air everyone else breathes.

Fortunately, we in Canada appear to have a government who aren't letting the vested 'carbon' interests push them around. They are resisting the siren calls to throw taxpayer dollar down a bottomless carbon pit. Well done Stephen Harper and company, say I. At least the Canadian Government seem to recognise that whilst we need to look after the natural world, if we wreck our economies on the back of misleading information, we won't have the resources to do so.

This animated graphic should help put everything in perspective.

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Henry Crun said...

Bill, the animation is fantastis. I once created a spreadsheet of 1000 squares to show my son how much CO2 is present in the atmosphere - 3 squares worth.

Kinds of puts it into perspective.

Then again, the ecoloons at Greenpeace want to outlaw Chlorine. I'm not sure what they intend to do with the Periodic Table though.

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