Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday morning meanderings

New laptop is buzzing along, and Mrs S has gleefully taken possession of the new machine for when she is travelling in the UK over Christmas and the new year. Our latest technological addition allowed her to be gassing with her Mother and sister on Skype whilst having a leisurely lie-in. Youngest and eldest are currently in conference with her ladyship. I've cooked my wife breakfast in bed, walked the dog and traded gossip with the neighbours, and yet Mrs S is still in her PJ's. Lazy cat.

This morning I've also been reading the comments section of various UK Sunday papers and am trying not to leave cryptically smug little 'told you so' messages all over the place. The Canadian and US Governments have publicly stated that they aren't going to get suckered into yet another banking bail out. Old Jonah Brown wants to levy a global tax on everything to pay yet more banker's bonuses, and the rest of the world has rightly told him to sod off. He's committed the final act of treason against the people of the UK by ratifying the Lisbon Treaty. When are the tumbrils going to start rolling then? I'm not holding my breath.

Seriously, it's just like a 1970's political time warp. The parallels are that obvious. Bail outs and taxpayer funded support of an industry sector instead of letting one large company go to the wall. Last time it was Coal, Steel and the Automotive sector, this time round it's the financial sector which needs rebuilding. Then it was Denis Healey with his 'soak the rich' campaign, now it's 'soak everyone' because the rich didn't become rich by waiting for some heavy handed Burgermeisters Bailiffs to kick in the front door. The money will have flitted it's way on electronic wings out of the UK government's jurisdiction long before HMRC come a-knocking. Those taxes everyone voted for have to come from somewhere, and guess where that's going to be? Got it in one.

Anyway, that's enough British Columbian based smugness for now. There are favourites to import from our old XP machine, data files to import, and I have to show my lady wife how the various gadgets can whip stuff straight onto your hard drive without wires or strings attached. All this clever stuff doesn't just do itself you know.

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