Monday, 23 November 2009

Climategate's HARRY_READ_ME.txt file

For those programmers and analysts currently with time on their hands, click on the title bar for the link to the CRU sourced file 'HARRY_READ_ME.txt'. Even a relatively cursory reading of the documented code is damning. For a less polite analysis, trot over to the Devils Kitchen for a more pejorative view. For those who like a more studied approach, got to this post at Wattsupwithat. I think that nasty smell from Hadley CRU is that of books being cooked.

Oh, and the UK's Daily Telegraph finally makes comment of the released e-mails. I suppose they had to wait for the heads up from their lawyers.

Is all this genuine? Well, no real denials from CRU to date. They'd get verbally ripped to shreds in public. I'm off to Victoria today and simply don't have the time or inclination to comment further. All that hacks me off that the journey will cost more because of pointless carbon taxation, for which I hold the 'Hockey Team' at least partially responsible.

H/T An Englishman's Castle.

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