Tuesday, 3 November 2009

So Michael Crichton was right....

I've been reading Crichton's work since 'The Andromeda Strain' in the 1970's. Enjoyable 'cautionary tale' fiction, but just that; fiction. Crichton knew how to use a theme just far fetched enough to interest his readers. People love fairy tales and Crichton understood that. Why else do fantasy books from Harry Potter to Sword and Sorcery sell so well?

Michael Crichton once posited that belief in environmentalism and man made climate change had all the tenets of a religion. Well now there is proof that it has the status of a religion. Mind you, anyone who was so much of an idiot to try and force his company's commercial activities to suit his own belief system deserves to get fired. Call me an old fashioned old silly for thinking this, but if you get hired to do a job, then you go and do what you're paid to do; not fart around doing your own commercially unrelated thing and arguing the toss with everyone else because they won't do things 'your' way.

Posting this week will be light, as the fall Salmon run has just started and the In Laws are in town. We may also be graced with a brief royal visit. No doubt the Windsor family are looking to emigrate to somewhere decent like BC now the UK is heading towards final dissolution. Better put the kettle on then.

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