Monday, 16 November 2009

Out here on the wet coast

Another rainy day with yet more forecast. Wind and rain warnings from Environment Canada. I have meetings to attend today which means I'm going to be stuck indoors. Definitely cooler than this time last year by over five degrees Celsius, and looks to be staying this way for the next week. Just as well I've got plenty of indoor stuff to do. MSS editing and working on the next one in the trilogy. Everything looks to be on schedule.

In my (brief) off duty time am amusing myself catching old re-runs of Alias Smith and Jones and reading up on Salmon fishing techniques. Mrs S has just renewed her work permit, and mine is due shortly. As our respective employers appear still to be amused by our presence, we foresee no real problems. We're still earning in the downturn, but economically speaking things over here are gradually pulling out of the nosedive. I'm not saying it's easy, but we're doing okay. Of course when permanent residency kicks in we won't have this palaver every twelve months. Won't have to be so precious about what work we can accept either. I hate having to turn down jobs because they would violate the terms of my current work permit, there's so many little jobs I could boost my income with it's not true. Hi ho. The papers are in, and all we can do, as usual, is wait, read the UK press and try not to laugh too hard.

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