Monday, 2 November 2009

My little troll

I have a little troll, who I’m keeping as a pet,
He’s really such a little sweetie, but he doesn’t seem to get,
The web is not anonymous, I know perzackly where he is,
The silly boy keeps changing names, and railing out his spite,
Yet he can’t see I know it’s him, just spoiling for a fight.

I have a little troll, who I really think is trite,
His ignorance is boundless, yet thinks that he is right,
On topics such as climate change, he hasn’t got a clue,
Regurgitating his beliefs throughout my comment page,
I should be grateful really, because he makes me look so sage,

I have a little troll, whose brain is not the best,
Yet I’ll pat him as I’m passing, for he’s really not a pest,
I’ll chuck him ‘neath his cyber chin, and ignore his paltry jibes,
He’ll insult everything I love, just to try and get a mention,
He’ll threaten mayhem he can’t do, ‘cos he can’t get attention,

I have a little troll, who is so much goshdarned fun,
He brings out wicked thoughts in me, of mockery is but one,
However I have grown up things to do, and tasks I must perform,
My little troll forgive me, I must go to work awhile,
Because the only fool we see is you, while you steep in your own bile.


Bill Sticker

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