Sunday, 15 November 2009

Great posts

Popped over to Wattsupwithat as usual this morning and read TonyB's guest post on historical temperature measurement. As a keen student of history, I like the way he drew threads from old records and wove them together to draw conclusions. There is also another post which makes less pleasant reading about pollution in China, where the western world has exported much of it's industrial capacity. One of the commenters made ironic mention that China is where many of the base components for those oh-so-green and environmentally friendly solar panels are made.

Both posts are a bit heavy duty, but well worth the perusal.

On a related topic; last night I was browsing the local paper and just for curiosities sake had a run through all the flyers that come with it. You know the sort of thing, bargain offers at Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire, those never to be repeated deals on pieces of brightly coloured plastic which are little more than what Mrs S calls 'clutter'. Pages and pages of the stuff. Most of it made in China.

Wonder what all this nascent landfill material will break down into in a million years or two? Fossilised layers of polyethylene in ancient landfills? Will the media archaeologists of some two million years hence be digging into our layers of rubbish, finding a half intact Marvel Comics action figure or some such and saying "Looks like some kind of votive offering. A religious icon perhaps?"


Anonymous said... where is where is where is where is where is where....

Bill Sticker said...

Oops. Apologies for that. Correction made. Blame drag and drop for that one.

Must proof read more carefully. I'm off to stand in the naughty corner. Sorry.

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