Saturday, 18 July 2009

Why is it so difficult?

Whenever an on line friend loses someone close, someone you have a cordial if distant relationship to, it is only natural to feel a little of their sorrow. Some sympathy for their bereavement. A token of solace when they are only naturally feeling pretty low.

At times like mere sympathetic words can feel clichéd, lame and artificial. You want to give some form of tangible comfort without being gushing or intrusive, but even the most heartfelt phrases of condolence come out as clumsy leaden platitudes.

This must be the dilemma every parish priest comes across at a funeral where they know little of the deceased and their family. Standing staring in your place of work at a bunch of strangers who are looking for some straw to clutch at to float them in their sea of inner distress.

I write of the sharp, witty, and often acerbic mummylonglegs of "And there was me thinking". Her Mother recently died of Cancer.

Having lost my own Dad to the big C, I know what a shitty thing a loss like this can be to deal with. Go give her a virtual hug. She needs all the luck and help she can get.

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