Sunday, 19 July 2009

The calm after that storm

Today has been a chilled day in some respects, but not in others. The financial threat from wife's ex to our girls has been thwarted and circumvented by some quick footed joining up of relationship dots. Essentially the lady who was our girls new stepmother, now happily divorced from Mrs S's ex, did not know what Ex was up to, and has turned round to us and said the money thing he tried to foist on to us was meant for him; so all is sweetness and light on that front once more. Well, maybe not for that particular ex husband, who will no doubt be muttering what bitches his ex wives have been to him into a large gin and tonic at his golf club. The story I hear is that according to both ex wives, he had fair warning to mend his faithless ways and ultimately paid the price.

Nevertheless, our girls are growing financially more independent by the day, and making their old stepdad very chuffed at how they're both turning out. They have places to live and stay arranged throughout the UK, so no sofa surfing for them. Not that they'll need it, they've inherited their Mother's brains, and those I can safely attest are quite keen. I think some crusty old duffer named Bill helped out upon occasion when things threatened to go haywire.

Oh well, so far so good, as the falling man was heard to say as he passed the tenth floor on the way down.

All that, and it's been another gorgeously sunny BC day. Time for a Jameson's to celebrate methinks.

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