Friday, 3 July 2009


There really are some people who should think a little more closely about what they write. For example this unhappy soul, who seems to hate it here, and even accuses Canada of being a 'Genocidal state'.

The sound you have just heard is my jaw hitting my keyboard. In the words of John McEnroe, "You have gotta be kidding." I've driven this country coast to coast. Tofino on Vancouver Island BC, over the Rockies through the seemingly limitless flatlands of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba; through Ontario and Quebec out round the Gaspé into New Brunswick then Nova Scotia and the Cape Breton trail. Yet did I find even a hint of genocide? No. Massacres? No. Arguments aplenty, and even the odd rebellion, but apart from the Mohawks kicking up every now and again, it's just like any long running legal battle over specific ownership.

Over here the First Nations have a special status; their own lands (In BC some of the tribes are huge in Property), their own tribal laws, their own Police. The major difficulties appear to arise because (and this is a personal observation), the First Nations are primarily Oral tribal-centred culture(s) and the newcomers (All those pesky European migrants since the 1700's) are primarily from an industrialised culture. All First Nations history appears bound up in their own rituals and legends, and their law of a tribal nature (Each Elder must be consulted for a decision to be valid); whereas the newcomers deal via specialised structures like Government and the Courts. The conflicts that have to be resolved day on day are legion, yet resolved they generally are (Despite much complaining from both sides).

For anyone to claim that Canada is a 'genocidal state' they need to get out a bit more and find out what really makes this place tick.

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