Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A bad forty eight hours

I have not enjoyed the last two days despite glorious weather. One of the reasons is my Wife's ex, who had agreed to provide a place of refuge for our girls in the UK. Well, he is their biological father. Unfortunately, as I have probably blogged before, he's also a prize git. One moreover, who thinks nothing of walking out on his freely undertaken responsibilities whenever it takes his fancy.

The last demand came two days ago, intimating that unless we stumped up so much money per month, our girls (His daughters) would have nowhere to live in the UK when not at University. In effect to have them thrown out on the street. Mrs S went into a flat spin; I got angry, and the Dog went into hiding. Fortunately he's not the only family they have in the UK (Even if he mainly stays in Africa), and my side of the clan have stepped into the breach to ensure our girls always have a place to stay. No strings attached.

After a sleepless night and several transatlantic phone calls I am now confident that if cuntybollocks makes good his threat, then my side of the clan will ensure the girls will have a place of refuge against the storm in the UK. I know he's their biological father and all, but the guy is a prize twat of the first water. I would never do business with him because he's someone who simply can't keep up his side of a bargain. Mrs S and I have ensured that the girls University fees are all paid and send them cash whenever we have a little spare; we didn't threaten their education when times got a little tough financially.

Today things are calmer. Plans and resources are in place, and Wife's ex can sod off and die for all I care. I know I'm only their stepfather, but I hope these past couple of days will convince our two that their biological father is a nasty piece of work, and not worthy of their affection.

For myself, I want nothing for my two stepdaughters but to see them grow up into two well balanced and successful adults. I want Mrs S to be relaxed about their safety so she doesn't get upset. What I don't want is to hear from her ex husband ever again.

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