Monday, 27 July 2009

A walk in the park

Yesterday Mrs S and I took some time out from the usual round of keyboard and kitchen to explore one of our local provincial parks. Gorgeous day, brilliant sunshine. Too nice to just walk the dog locally and sit out in the front yard waving to neighbour folk as they pass.
This is the antidote to all the stupid news in the world (Ooo, if you don't do what we say you'll die kind of news). A walk through a half mile of Pine, Spruce and Cedar scented woods (Nothing like the 'artificial scents', think orders of magnitude richer and less harsh) down to the waters edge. Ignore the 'Bear Warning' they don't move around much in the heat of the day, and generally steer well clear of those noisy pesky two legged thingy's unless they're too hungry to care like when fresh out of hibernation. Could have sworn we heard one laying back and rolling over in the undergrowth.

Parks over here aren't the 'green desert' places, shorn to within an inch of their life. Parks over here are full of BC's major renewable resource - trees. Even Stanley Park in the middle of Vancouver. Canadians have high regard for their trees, and despite logging still being a major industry though reputedly a shadow of it's former self (We still see log booms passing our place every day)
The Islands in the backround are the De Courcy's, once the haunt of the infamous 'Brother 12', who is reputed to have buried forty kilner jars of gold coin which no one has ever found, or ever will. Modern thinking suggests that any gold ended up in a Swiss bank vault.

Still, it was a wonderful day, and I'm still trying to work out how I got two mossie bites behind my knee while I was wearing jeans for crying out loud. Pass the germolene.

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