Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cooling off

Yesterday hit thirty six Celsius (Thank goodness for air conditioning) almost blood heat. Today at just before 7am it's twenty eight. Yet the heat isn't oppressive. It's what Mrs S calls a 'dry heat', the air feels like warm silk against your skin. In this kind of weather, the rivers become very popular with bathers, and the bathing spots are well established, with locals jumping off bridges (Gasp! What about 'elf 'n safety!?) to cool off. One place we pass every day has a girder bridge with about a thirty foot drop from the deck to the water. The local teens love it. Just like the other local swimming holes.

Mrs S and I however, are a little more sedate in our habits, and will be using the local swimming pool today which for under six bucks (Around 3 Quid) gives you a steam room, sauna, three water slides, whirlpool bath and wave machine. Unlike by the river, there are no mossies or no-see-ums to bother you and leave nasty little bite marks in your important little places.

To cool off your car, there's a free (No joke) 'car wash' not far up the road.

Just drive up to it and your car gets a buckshee sluice down. It may not be the same as a commercial car wash, but when it comes to cooling off the old battlebus, it's just the ticket.

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