Friday, 19 June 2009

You know what I really love about Canada?

You can read anything you want. There are no censorious book burners here (Well, not locally). You can find anything providing it is of sufficient literary merit. The librarians make no comment on your choices, as they seem to understand why you need to read, and read widely.

There is enlightenment in reading a broad spectrum of material, from Das Kapital to Mein Kampf, from the Torah to the Koran and from Shakespeare to Graphic Novels. All are grist to the mill of my paltry intellect. You know what the great thing really is? The best thing of all? You are left to draw your own conclusions. There is no tutting, no tacit or overt disapproval at your choice of reading here. No one to 'tell' you their interpretation. Discussion perhaps, like when I took the time to watch some of Leni Riefenstahl's ground breaking film work on DVD. "Great camera work" I believe was one remark. The content (About the 1934 rally of the Nazi party) did not seem to faze anyone. They even have a statement inside the front door, declaring that the library is a 'freedom to read' area.

Those who work in our local library seem to be above all things, bibliophiles, lovers of the printed word; and as such are worthy of praise. The reason I am pleased is because I happened upon a copy of the collected poems of Robert Service, and also the works of Damon Runyon. This blog may become a little literary for the next month or so.

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