Friday, 19 June 2009

To Redact;

A Redact or Redactor (Noun) person who edits or revises for publication.
To redact (Verb) the act of editing or revision, or formulate in a particular style or language
Redaction (Adjective) the act of revising or editing for publication

To simply black pen out huge tranches of information regarding MP’s expenses is not redaction in the classical sense, as that implies a certain delicacy or care with the written word prior to publication. There is an uglier word to describe what has been done to the MP’s expense sheets, a much cruder description with definite pejorative overtones; censorship.

The spinmeisters need to go back to school to learn the proper use of English.

Update: Addition to the sidebar for best hyphenation of the week; Anna Raccoon. 'Profli-gate' (Description of UK MP's expenses scandal).

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