Friday, 26 June 2009

Oh gawd...

Well, they went and did it anyway, in a fit of massive cognitive dissonance not seen since the hysteria of the Salem Witch trials, the cap and trade climate change bill has passed the first hurdle towards becoming a de facto law.

What is it with these politico's? Don't they examine the evidence, or are they blind to anything outside the lobby system? Don't they hear the angry voices who see the economic ruin this will bring, not just to the USA but to Canada and the rest of the western nations?

When the cold winters really bite and there's not enough power from 'renewable' sources to power what is left of American Industry and commerce, perhaps those who were so enthusiastic about this bill will have opportunity to reflect upon their folly. Then again, perhaps not. It was taxation like this that was the impetus behind the American Revolution of 1776, and I know many of our southern neighbours won't take such measures lying down if the US Sensate fails to kill this bill. Via Michelle Malkin, I am given to understand that the bill only passed by one vote, and a certain Senator from Tulsa has stated that this potentially ruinous piece of legislation will not pass the Senate. I hope so, or the economic (and social) fallout may beggar us all.

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