Tuesday, 23 June 2009

All growed up...

There are times when all the effort you put into something comes back at you with a smile. When your chest swells just a little with justifiable pride in something truly worthwhile. This morning brought such a moment.

We were Skyping with youngest stepdaughter and it gives me great pleasure to see what a terrific person she is becoming. Sharp, smart, popular, and damn it all she's pretty. It fair puts a lump in me cynical old throat, guv'nor.

At the time we were making plans for what she wants to do when she comes to visit in August and it slowly dawned upon me that the child I have railed about, got mad at, and often bit hard back on showing my anger at times, is now a young woman in her own right. The one I sat with, helping with her English and History homework (I understand she got Grade A+ 'A' levels in those two subjects), talking about syntax and paragraph structure on my off duty evenings. She's an experienced traveller who thinks nothing of arranging her own flights across the world and dealing almost casually with the two imposters of triumph and disaster when they pay unwelcome visits to her life. She's getting good grades and is looking at either working in the corporate world, or joining the Police as a graduate. For myself, I would advise her to take the former course; the money's better. However, the choice is hers, and I think she'll make the right one, whatever it is.

I know I'm not her biological father, but I love her as though she was one of mine, and I'm quite pleased with myself for my minor role in her upbringing. From the times when she wouldn't show an inch of unnecessary skin, always hiding her light under the bushel of jeans and hooded sweatshirts, to the leggy, confident young woman I talked to today. I am sooo looking forward to squiring her around town this August. The local boys won't know what's going to hit 'em. I can already hear the hollow clacks of jaws hitting the floor.

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