Friday, 5 June 2009


While waiting for the rest of Mrs S's clan to turn up for two weeks of Birthday shenanigans, am currently watching the UK politics news with an unmasked, malevolent glee. The Brown government is finally, irrevocably, beginning the long slide down the tubes into electoral oblivion. Off with their gold plated pensions!

Over the next five years the truth is going to come out about how much damage New Labour did to the UK, and may HMRC have mercy on their souls (Or not, I don't care). I want the whole crew to be dragged through the bankruptcy courts and suffer the humiliation of being flat broke and busted with no real prospect of surcease for three long years. I want to see the bastards learning why you shouldn't bend over to pick up the soap in the showers on E Wing. Of course, seeing the guilty pay for their malfeasance won't bring back everything I've lost, but there will be a grim satisfaction coursing through my veins from afar as I watch them getting their comeuppance. I cite IR35 and several ruined pension plans (c/o the Brown instigated Work & Pensions Act 2000) as motivation.

I don't want to see any of the bastards in Canada (And definitely not in BC) either. If Canadian Immigration would be so kind, would they deny all members of the current UK government any visa whatsoever (No Diners Club, Amex or MasterCard either). Keep characters like Hoon, Brown, Blears etc out of Canada.

Now if some kindly member of a terrorist organisation would off the arch-traitor Tony Blair for me, messily and publicly, my joy would know no bounds.


Scoakat said...

But how do you really feel, Bill?! ;)

Bill Sticker said...

Currently pissed as a fart and grinning.

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