Thursday, 4 June 2009

Will he or won't he?

Well, El Gordo is well and truly hunkered down in his bunker despite multitudinous calls for him to go, some of which have come from some surprising sources, despite previous support. Sigh, how fickle these media types are.

Will be watching the electoral destruction of the UK Labour Party (Please don't disappoint me) from this side of the pond with a great deal of satisfaction. May they be consigned to eternal electoral oblivion. Every time they've been in power they fucked up the UK economy. The late 1940's, mid 1960's to late 1970's, and now the current bunch of troughers.

When will the electorate learn? You can't get more money out of Government than you put in. Government is horribly inefficient at doing everything. As Benjamin Franklin obliquely pointed out, you can't 'redistribute wealth' via government without eroding the very system that allows reasonable personal liberty, and all the luxuries that can allow to the ordinary working man. Governments have no business deciding who should be rich or poor, nor are elected bodies of politicians qualified or competent to do so.

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