Monday, 8 June 2009


My dearly beloved is not happy and I can't figure out why. She's been offered a new job with more money (Lucky her, wish I had) - she's miserable. We go to Sister in laws to plan multiple birthday party / picnic day and do giggly stuff. She comes away unhappy. I've tried everything; attention, ministering to her every need, treats, hanging on every word - nada. I've already been pushed into telling her that I'm fed up with having my head snapped off for things I have no control over (Immigration forms / economic conditions). It interferes with my writing and quite frankly her attitude is getting on my tits. Even trying to explain something to her is hard work as I find myself having to repeat everything three or four times, and God help me if I omit a detail. It's like her head is so full, everything else just bounces off. She's unhappy because younger sister makes her feel 'worthless'. She's snaps at me when I say that I've already told her something twice before. Well I'm stuck for answers. It's like the woman I married isn't there, and that bothers me. I might as well hunker down and get on with the stuff I have to do and wait for her to surface.

Mind you, I'm not the only one with cause to be unamused. The unelected idiot in the UK has just lost another minister and I give him another week, two at most before he has to resign and call a General Election. His Labour party almost got annihilated at the polls last week. county Council and EU elections have reduced their number of MEP's to 11, only one more than the Liberal Democrats, and the same number as the anti-EU UK Independence Party. Hells Bells! Even the National Socialist clone British National Party got two seats, although I put that down to a protest vote by disgruntled ex Labour voters.

Bugger it. I've more important things to do. I'm submitting three MSS samples to some agencies in Vancouver and Toronto this week. See if I get any luck this side of the water. I'm going to keep my head down, keep working and trust to luck. Something has to give.

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