Sunday, 7 June 2009

Absholootely shuper....indeed

Have been slightly the worse for wear in the past day or so; reason? Well, Mrs S's side of the clan are now here and getting over the long journey, but this means that Mother in law has company that is not us. We are no longer at the beck and call of her every whim. I wouldn't mind if Mother in law tried a bit, but she requires help for almost everything short of getting dressed in the morning.

We were at Sister in law's apartment on Friday evening ensuring Mother in law was fed, watered, and comfortable in youngest Sister in law's apartment, when the rest of the clan walked in after their drive up from Victoria. Everyone appeared less than amused, and youngest Sister in law greeted us with a "What are you doing here?" Nice to see you, too, Sis. Both my Brother in laws looked less than happy, and only middle sister had a hug for her elder sister. I greeted my Brothers in law cordially, and Mrs S and I made our exit so that everyone could rest and get comfortable after their long journey.

Neither Mrs S or I thought it politic to ask what was amiss. Suffice it to say that there is a certain friction between parts of that side of the clan which I have no desire to become embroiled in. Not my fight.

On the steps of Sister in laws apartment, Mrs S and I high fived each other before heading off to the Liquor store to purchase two bottles of a moderately drinkable Sauvignon blanc. Then we promptly went back home to get smashed.

"Fuck a duck Bill. I'm glad they're here." Said my much better half as we returned to our small place in the boonies.
"Drink up." Said I, pouring a large glass of the aforementioned vino for her and passing the chocolate and strawberries.
"We've survived." She said.
"Indeed." I said in my best Christopher Judge impersonation.

We giggled ourselves to sleep.

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