Saturday, 22 January 2011

Shutting up

Over the past week or so I've found myself deleting post after unpublished post. It's not that they were that bad, it's just that by the time I've got round to putting my own spin on a subject, someone else has done it better. Like the boy in class whose hand is just one nanosecond too slow, I find myself mute. Nothing new to say, and no reasonably apposite way to say it.

A couple of domestic problems are proving distracting and they must claim my close attention before all else.

Also Blog editorial policy is under review.

In a while.


Angry Exile said...

I wouldn't let not being first stop you if you've got something to add but real world issues are something else. Hope all's well and no exploded plumbing from the Canadian winter or anything.


Bill Sticker said...


Illness, family stuff has to be dealt with. The real world claims my time and provides too many other distractions.

Angry Exile said...

It happens. Best wishes, mate. Hope things are on the mend soon.

The Cowboy Online said...

Definitely don't feel you need to be first, or even one of the first, to comment about a particular story. It's always good to see opinion on issues of the day, and referencing other comments around the blogosphere is how connections are made, and other blogs found.

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