Saturday, 15 January 2011

Just thinking....

At the risk of veering into tinfoil hat 'conspiracy' territory, I'd like to explore a thought if I may. The components of the thought have been provided by coverage of recent events in both the lamestream and the more sceptical news outlets, and my recent fruitless foray in writing to politicians. Sorry to bang on about this climate thing, but this blog, as I've occasionally mentioned is my toxic thought dump. This is a toxic thought, this is where it gets dumped. Simples.

Having gone through the patronising garbage thrown back by the various UK and EU politicians I contacted, the consensus was that they knew best, and no, they were going to keep throwing taxpayer dollar into the 'You're all doomed' propaganda effort, as personified by the offensive 10:10 video. Which considering there is no empirical evidence to link man made carbon dioxide emissions with increasing temperature, is a bit strange. Surely they must have sought the opinion of experts who don't share Hadley CRU's version of events. Just to check that they were doing the right thing. Yet despite a veritable sceptical cacophony of well informed voices, UK politicians respond by carrying on with the same shit, different day.

Now, here's my thinking; could it be because they have got so used to the tax money extorted from the working public, that like some hopeless junkie they'll do and rationalise anything not to lower 'green taxes', or is there an element of something else?

Now just for the sake of argument let's make the following assumption; that people like Cameron, Clegg and Huhne are no cleverer than the average businessman. This is not an unreasonable assumption. There once was a saying that the 'fool of the family' entered the church, now the same dictum is applied to politicians. Now this is average dinner table talk when our clan get together, and sets me to thinking, why do politicians create more problems than they solve? A politician needs to have a little bit of something about them to get elected, well, apart from a well-oiled party machine in a notoriously partisan constituency. So no, you can't be totally thick. Axiom destruction test - Fail.

Right, so having established that politicians aren't that stupid, what else could account for their failure to accept what's really going on? Could it be the money? After all, there's a hell of a lot of moolah tied up in this climate / carbon trading malarkey. Although not so much since the North American Carbon trading market tanked, and the Chicago Carbon Exchange collapsed into a fiscal black hole. Yes, well I'm sure some have, and fortunes have been made by selling up ahead of the collapse, and short selling during the rapid decline, but at the moment, no. Same for the tax thing. Sure, the tax dollars prop up the UK and EU exchequers during this economic downturn, but it's not the whole story. There's something missing. If it was purely the money, then the recession would have been the big wake-up call. Ditch the green taxation because it's a massive drag on economic activity, but the reverse has been true. Instead of fading into the woodwork as you might expect, the 'It's all mankind's fault' propaganda machine has been in overdrive. On the taxpayer dollar. Greensleaze and a host of other, similar parasitic growths on the body politic are still doing nicely thank you. So why? Economic logic would dictate that they would be the first bunch of mindless jerks up against the fiscal wall when the downturn came. Yet for them it's business as usual while others freeze under stationary windmills.

Okay, so we've established that it's not always the money, and it's not complete stupidity; so what is the answer. Watch John Hurt in great form as a ranting demagogue and the answer unfolds.

Yes, but why do we need so many of these people? Is that part of the incessant droning propaganda behind the man made climate meme? Some form of job justification exercise for the otherwise unemployable? Having had contact with my local constituency MP, I wouldn't hire him to scrub floors, because I'd have to send another worker in to go over the bits he'd missed. Competent is an adjective he does not merit.

Let's face it, when EU legislation gets cut and pasted straight onto the UK statute books, why do we need many UK politicians? Especially those in ministerial roles. They blithely disrespect the voices of their constituents and talk about 'nudging' people in the 'right' direction. Yet these politicians are following the self same policies that took the UK, and much of the Western world nosediving into penury, as the last lot. Yet they have the temerity to tell others what to do?

Climate change as a political job creation programme? Hmm. Now I've explored the thought it makes a weird kind of sense. Why do we need them? Police don't need politicians to enforce the law. The guys who fix the roads don't need politicians to tell them where the potholes are. Doctors and Nurses don't need to be told how to treat sick people. People don't need to be verbally bludgeoned about healthy lifestyles. You don't live healthily (For you), you get sick. If the EU is in charge anyway, why does the UK need people like Cameron, Clegg, Huhne, and that buzz cut blockhead Milliband anyway? Except to fix stuff which ain't really broke.

Rather reminds me of that old Flanders and Swann comedy song; 'It all makes work for the working man to do' a.k.a. 'The Gas man cometh'. Only several orders of magnitude more expensive.

Just thinking....

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