Friday, 14 January 2011

The last word......

Everyone else seems to have posted this little video, so why should I be different?

'Green' policies are wrecking the Western economies, and if they are not reversed shortly, will consign our descendants to starvation and penury. For what? A fantasy pushed by fanatics who don't understand much outside their own tightly defined agenda. All that can be done is to challenge the shameless regurgitation of the warmist dogma and say 'prove it'. Which they can't, and won't because they can't.

I'm bored with the nonsense about man made climate change / global bollocks / carbon trading. The whole meme is so patently a lie that even the lamestream press are catching on. Volcanoes are far more fun, and have more effect on the worlds climate because while a great many may not be actually erupting, that doesn't mean their output is zero. The only thing carbon trading does is make some very rich people even richer.

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