Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Was chatting to a work buddy today about this and that. I mentioned about recently finishing my perusal of the novel 'Madame Zee' by Pearl Luke. Now the main character of the account was a real live person involved in a local scandal during the late 1920's and early 30's. For anyone who's interested I'm linking to the tale of the notorious 'Brother XII' and his founding of the Aquarian Foundation. Quite the local legend.

The conversation drifted as conversations do, and we light heartedly discussed various associated items like Aleister Crowley. As well as the profanity associated with much UK television comedy.

It was then that a number of my thoughts collided with a big chilly iceberg of a notion. What if the UK is possessed, as in demoniacally? It would explain quite a lot of my experiences there. Why people there seem so quick to turn into yapping, snarling junkyard dogs at the least provocation. Neighbours who take revenge for imagined slights. Screaming children everywhere you turn, the 'rights' culture which brings people out in rash incontinent abuse if you have the temerity to even politely aver to their loutish or unreasonable behaviour. My goodness! So that's what it is! You poor buggers in the the UK are under Demonic possession!

No wonder everything there seems to have gone down the toilet.

Wonder how that happened? Did Tony Blair sell the nations souls to Satan to win three elections on the trot? Does Gordon Browns head revolve and exude green slime in unguarded moments? Has David Cameron inherited this curse? By the look of some of the people I ran into whilst there this year, could Satan have rejected them because they would have lowered the tone of Hades?

All things are possible. Now I'm off to bed and I'm leaving the light on, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Doing my every other day stop off at the library (one of THE best bits about BC in my humble opinion, TV Series and Movie DVD's CD's and books to borrow galore, and free! Better than the poxy one I had to visit in the UK...) and said book Madame Zee literally leapt off the shelf as I pondered what to tackle next.

"Huh! Whaddaya know," I says to the missus. "Uncle Bill was only just saying about this."

Needless to say, I'll begin it in a bit, after I've cleared the bloody drive for the 5th time today. Gggrrrr.........

Just thought I'd tell ya.

Stay warm,


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