Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Today's word is irrevocable, that which may not be revoked, or a position from which there can be no retreat. A watershed, a Rubicon if you will.

Today we unpacked the last of our 'settlers effects'. A lot of books and photo albums, framed pictures, half written MSS, my second Bow and enough arrows to fight a small medieval war. Enough kitchenware and crockery to open a small restaurant, and various sentimental items.

Maybe it was because I was so distracted that I forgot to drink my morning coffee, but right this minute I'm feeling a little disconnected. A trifle lost. The big project of emigration has come to a close and I'm not 100% sure of what to do now apart from what I was doing anyway.

Oh sod it, that will have to do until I and our girls are eligible for citizenship.


Angry Exile said...

Yep, funny feeling passing that milestone. Nothing to stop you doing it all again in the other direction but all the same it can feel like a bridge has been burned.

William said...

Burning bridges is an essential for living a fantastic life. We humans seem to operate at our best when we have to rely on ourselves.

The state no this which is why so many are dependant on the state for benefit or employment.

Bill Sticker said...

"Nothing to stop you doing it in the other direction"

AE, have you lost your senses? I've got more room, I can hunt legally with a bow, my favourite fishing spot is less than a miles walk away, my workmates are an utter delight. My quality of life is several orders of magnitude better. Go back to the UK? Are you kidding?

Yes, of course you are - aren't you?

Angry Exile said...

It was just an observation: intellectually you know that you could go back if you really wanted to (and if the kind men in white coats had been a bit lax and you'd managed to escape), but all these little milestones can feel like bridges crashing in flames.

It certainly wasn't a suggestion :-)

Bill Sticker said...

All right, I'll grant you that one. Although before we actually began the 'project' as I refer to it, Mrs S and I decided there would be no going back. Oz, Kiwiland and France were our fall back options, but not the UK.

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