Thursday, 20 January 2011

Shutting down

Saw the news via Bishop Hill that the European Carbon Exchange has been closed due to widespread fraud. Considering that the Chicago equivalent has been flatlined at 5 cents a tonne for some time and much of its staff laid off for the past six months, I'm not surprised.

You have to be pretty hard of critical thinking to buy into the whole Carbon-Dioxide-as-pollution meme anyway. As for altering the climate? Well, read up on major climate / weather events and their variability throughout recorded history and you'll understand.

A lot of people have talked and written landfill loads of scare stories. Some quite 'eminent' people too. For CO2 to behave as they claim, the molecule would have to act like a half silvered mirror when reflecting / absorbing heat energy. In considerably higher proportions than the trace gas levels currently present in our atmosphere. The so called 'Noble' gases, especially Argon, have a significantly higher percentage presence in Earth's atmosphere than CO2 at 0.934% (Almost 3 times the level of CO2).

So, a scheme to 'sell pollution' is suspended. Well, it's a start.

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