Friday, 14 January 2011


Having seen the footage of the so-called 'memorial' for the six victims of the Arizona shootings, I'll say I'm not impressed. I'd even go to say it was a massive PR FAIL for the Obama spinmeisters. Look guys, can I just highlight something pretty fundamental about memorial services? Memorials are about remembering those who died, not some stage managed ego-trip for a bloody politician, FFS!

What a disquietingly creepy spectacle. Had someone gone up and given the boy president a blow job right there at the lectern there would have been whoops and cheers. I know Blair pulled a similar trick at the Diana funeral, but at least he gave the appearance of caring while grandstanding to a gullible public.

I hold no brief for either Democrat or Republican south of the 49th parallel, but the personality cult currently in operation down there makes me cringe. The hyperbole is nauseating, oleaginous, and positively emetic. Especially with the record of the current US administration. No-one is fooled, and I'll lay odds it won't do their approval rating any good at all.

Whatever happened to the quiet dignity of other people's grief, eh?

After watching that footage I am off for a wash. I feel the need to scrub my skin clean from the inside. Want to see the vid for yourself? Look it up on Youtube, because I'm not posting it here.

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Angry Exile said...

I know Blair pulled a similar trick at the Diana funeral, but at least he gave the appearance of caring...

He did? I must have blinked. Know what you mean though. It's not quite the same league but the politicians here have been queueing up for flights to Brisbane so they can be seen wading through 8 inches of water in their wellies carrying some poor bastard's potted geranium. But the hypocrisy of Blair & co (remember Jo Moore's 9/11 email?) and the Obamessiah making political capital from tragedy... it'll never wash off, will it?

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