Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What I would say to David Cameron (If he could be bothered to ask - which he won't)

This video shows how the rot goes right to the top. Reduce 'carbon' emissions by ten percent says Cameron. He and Huhne thoroughly support the '10:10 initiative'. So does David Cameron want to see children killed over a difference of opinion as well? Well do you Mr Cameron? Personally, I don't think he gives a shit one way or the other. The whole 'Carbon reduction' thing is just a sop, a pseudo green 'vote spinner', a cheap soundbite to spoon feed the unreasoning and gullible.

The thing that truly bothers me is, how can people in responsible positions become so isolated from reality? I'm all for lessening pollution, which Carbon Dioxide is not; being an inert, colourless trace gas and product of combustion / breathing, but the other pollutions continue. The cyclic change in climate should be the least of our worries. Although we in the west now enjoy cleaner air and water, all we've done is export our industrial pollution to Indian and China, rather like all the 'anti-cruelty' movement achieved was to export meat production to countries with lower standards of animal husbandry than the UK.

To Pratchettise; the 'CO2 drives climate' meme is a 'lie to morons'. One of those untruths you tell people because you don't think they're capable of understanding the real subject matter. It's also easier than admitting that you don't really know.

I know I'm only one voice shouting in the wilderness, but if even I can see what's wrong, how come people who are supposed to be better informed not get it? Maybe they're so surrounded by their courtiers and sycophants that no-one close has the guts to tell them they're wrong. Oh well, it'll all end in tears, and they won't be mine. Well, not as many as there might be at any rate.

Well, I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it; Cameron is the new Heath. I'm embarrassed to even share the same nationality.

H/T to James Delingpoles Telegraph blog for the nauseating 10:10 video above.

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