Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The inevitable Downfall parody of 10:10

Does this come under 'fair use'? No doubt the short sighted owners will think not and demand the video parodies withdrawal. Yet if I was the copyright owners of 'Downfall' I'd let them keep it posted, purely for the free marketing.

However, the main focus should be lobbying one's elected representatives demanding that public funding for all so-called 'Carbon' charities (Carbon Trust, ActionAid etc) be withdrawn pending a full public enquiry.

The 'Green' lobby want those who disagree with them dead? Well I don't want to see them dead. Destitute, impoverished, bankrupt yes, but most certainly not dead. In the words of Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz; "Death's too good for them."

The spoof Curtis interview is pretty good, too.

H/T Grumpy old twat, you faker. You're back on the sidebar.


Angry Exile said...

The makers of Downfall did go through a phase of getting YouTube to pull them despite the free publicity they were getting. Don't know if they still are but I hope they grew out of it, having just put a Downfall spoof up there myself. Still, if they do I reckon EyeTube is more likely to tell them to stuff off than YouTube is.

Bill Sticker said...

Have posted a copy of your parody on EyeTube, just in case.

Oh to have a Mac. They leave PC's standing at this sort of thing.

Bill Sticker said...

Bugger, upload failed. One of those annoying 'connection reset' glitches. Still, looks like you beat me to it.

Angry Exile said...

Yep, sorted my EyeTube issues. My fault for using an unsupported file type. D'oh! I'm uploading a new version with better video and clearer subs in a while.

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