Saturday, 2 October 2010

Clothes that fit

On the way back from Victoria, Mrs S and I took a couple of detours to look at properties and land parcels we liked the look of. Just south of Mill Bay off the Island highway I saw an Equestrian supplier and pulled over.

Now the thought of going line dancing is as repulsive to me as any other reasonably sophisticated male over forty, yet I do like the clothing. Not the fancy, covered in so many rhinestones no self respecting male prostitute would be seen wearing, but the plain, sturdy, workaday horse riding gear. Australian Dusters. Oilcloth Drovers hats with a broad brim. Working Jeans that fit like a second skin without having them grab your ass, bind your crotch or fit too baggily or tightly in your important little places. Boots that don't chafe and will last longer than twelve weeks of sustained use. So yes, I like Western style riding kit.

Every time I go shopping for jeans in a regular store I can never get quite get the cut of cloth I need. Yet the stuff this particular Equestrian store stocked found me something in my size first time that fitted like a glove. I was impressed.

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