Sunday, 3 October 2010

What the Green lobby really, really wants

Is this......

Didn't I say it wouldn't be long before the parodies hit Youtube?

Huge H/T to James Delingpole at the Tellytubbygraph.

Now that's satircal. Oh, and so is this:

Big thumbs up to microDave. Oh, and from that cute grey foamy little pet from New York (I think).

I'm with the Squirrel on this one. "You can't go green if you're breathing."

1 comment:

Angry Exile said...

That's one of Grumpy Old Twat's finest, and not a million miles off what I'm uploading to EyeTube at the moment. Mind you, I didn't so much break Godwin's Law as throw it from the top of a cliff and burn its house down.

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