Thursday, 14 October 2010

Settlers effects

Have been busy listing and dumping stuff from storage with many a "Why did you want to keep that?" Between Mrs S and myself. Am over the jet lag, but now am suffering from list lag. We've pared everything down to under two cubic metres which will (should) arrive at our Canadian address just before Christmas. The thing is, everything must be listed and detailed for customs, which is proving a minor but time consuming chore.

The old country hasn't changed much since I was last here, although there seem to be even more signs saying "Don't" than ever. Well, you voted for the buggers and what did they do? The holier than thou finger waggers are still much in evidence (a.k.a.'the righteous'), although certain regulations have been observed being openly flouted. That's the problem with the 'ban everything' mindset. The more rules you have, the more they need to be enforced, and the more intrusion, the more the enforcement is resented.

Have been visiting old friends and catching up on gossip and had cause to chortle at the justice life inflicts upon the unjust. Still visiting family etc. The news is very good, and means I need to take time out to think through future plans long held in abeyance. There's a lot of pent up emotional and mental energy being released right now. Rather like the biggest sigh of relief in the whole wide world. Yet there's too much to do to start celebrating right now. Appointments to be completed, last ticks in boxes made, and one final session of nail biting to go through. Although if I reach my elbows I'll not be best pleased. My manicurist will also be livid, dahlings.

Some 'holiday'. When we get back to Canada I'm going to need a rest.

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