Monday, 25 May 2009

Day off?

Having grafted like a good 'un all weekend and successfully delivered my project to customer I announced to Mrs S that I would be taking Monday off. Some day off it's been. Customer rings to say that their email has crashed and they need the file now (Why is your crashed email suddenly my problem?). However, being the obliging sort that I am, off I trot and deliver full package on a data key. This has taken half a dozen phone calls and emails and a shattered leisure schedule to arrange. Mrs S told me on the phone at lunchtime that we have to be in Vancouver on Saturday and that "The logistics will be down to you, Bill." I have booked the ferry, the dog sitting service, planned the directions and approaches to our destination.

Then I look at the tide tables to see if there is any point hiking up to a decent fishing spot for a little 'me' time with rod and line. Phone calls have been coming in left right and centre. No chance of that then.

"Bugger it." thought I. "I might as well clean the apartment while I'm at it." So I did. Now I'm signing off because I've got another appointment I didn't get told about, and I've missed yet another because of that. Some day off.

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