Friday, 8 May 2009

A great firefox add on

Recently I've been fuming and cursing at Firefox for being an increasingly slow and unwieldy browser. Watching it load on my ageing PC was like hitting a time warp back to 56k dial-up speeds, as in access web page, walk dog, have a leisurely lunch and then sit down to read the page content. All right, not that bad, but at the observed rate of functionality loss it was getting there. I was considering ditching Firefox as a web browser and trying something a bit lighter on the RAM. Yet the thought of going back to using IE8 or any of the other Internet Explorer incarnations made my upper lip curl in distaste. Chrome is okay, but there's just something about the feel of it that I don't care much for, and my current copy of Safari can be even slower to load than Firefox was.

Now I truly like Firefox as a web browser. It's reasonably secure for my day to day purposes, and up until recently never gave me pause for concern. Yet over the past two months it has been slowing my PC down to the point of outright annoyance; until that is I heard about the NoScript add on. This handy dandy little add on to Firefox blocks all those intrusive little Advertising scripts and returns Firefox to reasonably respectable load speeds and frees your web experience from memory hungry javascript and flash adverts. It has the minor inconvenience of blocking YouTube videos, but nothing that can't be accessed with a couple of convenient mouse clicks.

I like it. It works. My only wish is that I'd heard of it sooner.

As an aside; welcome back to the Sidebar to Delcatto. Long time no see.

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delcatto said...

Thank you for the mention Bill. I might give that No Script add on a try. I gave up with IE after loading IE8 caused me no end of problems. Firefox seems to work well.

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