Thursday, 28 May 2009

Mad, am I?

As one who is used to looking at the realities of life and making my own, fairly logical but often sarcastic judgments, I read these letters and articles in the UK Times and Telegraph and almost spilled my morning coffee. Essentially what these people are saying is that if you don't believe what they do you're a candidate for the booby hatch, you know, that cosy little room in the secure wing with your own stylishly tailored straitjacket. No doubt the accompanying electroshock 'therapy' to 'cure' one of any pesky 'denialist' tendencies would be merely a customer service add-on. Nothing to worry one's fussy little head over, eh? How stupid do they think people are?

For the final time, as I'm getting very bored with people saying 'it's all humanity's fault'; the climate changes, and the evidence so far suggests that we have very little real or long term effect on it. For proof, look at the historical records of climate since say the Roman period, or does that leave one open to accusations of 'Cherry-picking' data? Why not since the Holocene? Bugger, no SUV's. No real human activity either. Next!

There is no / will not be any / man made climate catastrophe. The correlation of CO2 emissions to the climate is an unproven, unprovable hypothesis, the erroneous portrayal of which has been definitively shot down in a British court of law. CO2 driven Anthropogenic Climate Change isn't even a theory, as theories demand proofs, and the only 'proofs' the alarmists have are woefully inadequate and incomplete data models and suspiciously fudged data. McKittrick and McIntyre proved that with their demolition of Mann's infamous 'Hockey stick' graph. Lord Monckton of Brenchley's erudite and even handed presentation 'Apocalypse No' shows quite clearly that the continually hyped 'effects' of global warming just aren't there. A regular visit to the pages of wattsupwithat will show the intellectual heavy hitters constantly demolishing each new 'proof' of CO2 driven climate change as it pops out of the woodwork. It's like watching a cerebral version of 'whack-a-mole'.

Real climate scientists who no longer have to worry about their political masters pulling their pensions / funding are saying AGW is all bunkum. In fact the only people really pushing said agenda are politically motivated. It is politics, not science that is pushing the Anthropogenic CO2 side of the argument. You only have to look at who is really advancing said agenda to understand that.

As for 'the debate is over'. Well, yes it is. The Alarmist case is not proven. We are more at risk from Near-Earth Asteroids.

As for the assertion that denial of their case is a mental illness, well I wouldn't say I'm mad, just continually mildly irritated by those who insist that we're all doomed unless we 'go green' and totally stop producing CO2. In my darker moments I have thought that I would like those who are pushing the anthropogenic argument to show me how it's done by way of a demonstration. They could stop exhaling CO2 for a start. Oh, and demonstrate how to stop 'outgassing' of CO2 from the oceans while you're at it. That would be a good trick.

I readily agree that we should be cutting air and water borne pollution and not overfishing the oceans. These are threats that we can and should be doing something about. CO2 is, within certain parameters, beneficial to plant growth. The rest we should have to get used to and adapt, which is what humans are really good at.

To conclude; the only people in 'denial' here are those who still 'believe' we are in for repeated climate catastrophe due to man made CO2 emissions. They have no proof.

Gentlemen, take away the fool(s).

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