Friday, 15 May 2009

Taking my own advice

Got a parking ticket the other day.

Didn't go chasing after the issuing officer to assault, threaten or call the poor bugger names. Didn't rant and rave and tear the piece of paper up. Didn't stick it in a drawer and try to forget it existed.

All I had to do was follow my own advice from two years ago. I simply posted an appeal at the local parking offices an hour after it was issued. All smiling "No problem, it was all a big mistake." attitude towards the desk clerk. There's no sense trying to bully people who've got an unpleasant job to do. Be nice. It's amazing how easy life can become.

Mind you, it was so cheap at the discounted rate of CDN$7.50 (about four quid at current conversion rates) I almost paid up on the spot. However, I thought I'd follow my own teachings just as a matter of principle.

The ticket was, quite predictably, canceled.

As Mrs S commented at the time; "Well Bill, it is your specialist subject."

Thank you dear.

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