Saturday, 16 May 2009

Catch and release

Took a break from my usual fishing spot and hiked to a place where there's a nice steep drop off to deeper water. For a change the fish were biting. The above pair of small Rockfish decided they liked the look of my lure and were promptly landed for a quick photo opportunity before release. Both gave me a reproachful look as I shook them off my hook (No barbs Mr Game Warden, I know the rules, and I was outside all the conservation areas) before returning to the sea they had come from, apparently none the worse for their quick trip up topside.

Fish caught; two
Lures lost; one
Weights lost; two
Reel broken; one

Not a bad mornings piscatorial play really. Well, by my standards at least. The Sardine lures seem to work best, so I'm off to Canadian Tire this afternoon to invest in a batch of the larger version to see if I can catch something a little bigger. I was glad I broke that particular reel, it was bulky and ungainly. I have my old one which is smaller but better with twenty five pound line set up. Who knows? I may even bag myself a Tyee (Local name for a Chinook, Spring or King Salmon of thirty pounds or more).

Any one of these will do just fine.

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