Thursday, 10 March 2011

Money for nothing

By their own admission, the Ministers and high up panjandrums in charge of taxing future generations into slavery mitigating 'Climate Change' really haven't a fucking clue are unsure of the effect, spending $280 billion of taxpayer dollar on policies that don't and can't work decisions to prevent a highly disputed predicted global temperature rise based on fucking useless climate models.

Now we hear that one such in England is having a steel wire fence put around his property to prevent angry members of the public and disaffected party members storming his house and doing him harm. Personally I am in great favour of this high level protection; it is my deeply held conviction that all UK politicians and personnel in charge of climate mitigation measures (Of whatever stripe, let's not be partisan about this) should have this level of protection. They should have the 'right' to be free from violence.

Now I'm not for a moment suggesting that perhaps if some clever dicky were to say, wire the new security fence to the mains and drop an extra secure extra padlock with a crop resistant shackle on the gate (or even weld the gate shut), the politician in question would have to stay in the warmth and comfort of their own delightful home, safe within the bosom of their nearest and dearest. Safe from the angry majority of the population, and not being able to make any half assed decisions that further messed up said populations lives. A small jammer would might stop his cellphone and Internet access and stop the bleeder person in question doing any more economic damage. However, this is just my idle speculation, and in no way an incitement for anyone to actually do this. Although I'd be laughing like a drain if they did.

To quote the wise words of the fictional General Tacticus (From Terry Pratchett's Jingo); "If your enemy retreats into an impregnable fortress - see that he stays there."

Then, with the benefit of some inadvertent but perhaps welcome purgatory 'quality' time spent with their demanding children and impatient spouses lovely families perhaps they might think twice about spending money the taxpayer doesn't have.

It's not a home it's a whole party conference. Still, the same principles apply. 'Rings of steel' work both ways.


The Wasp said...

Turning the House of Commons into a jail would work nicely as well.

Wait for some vote that ensures the maximum attendance, such as when they are voting on their pay rise and lock them in.

Alternatively, public stocks in Trafalgar Square and £5 bags of rotten vegetables would soon raise a bob or two to reduce the national debt..

Bill Sticker said...

The TV rights might be worth a few bob. Treat it like celebrity big brother (Although without the release). Wonder how much Murdoch would pay for the exclusive rights?

Angry Exile said...

I thought his need for a ring of steel was something to do with how him and Cameramong keep getting shafted by the EU and was pleased to hear a politician talking plainly for a change. Imagine my disappointment.

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