Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dessert is on me

It's been one of those days. Slept badly last night. Mrs S's illness has meant I'm holding down a new shift job, acting as her chief carer, and losing much sleep in the process.

Our landlord, who is pure diamond, pokes his nose around the door to keep an eye on her when I'm working, and Mrs S has me on speed dial in case of serious problems. However, this has led to a few catering issues. The irregular hours I'm now working mean I'm not home on time to cook and clean up. However, I do try, and in the spirit of the new diet my wife wants to go on, I've been trying out new recipes. One of which is Coconut milk ice cream. You can see where this is going already can't you?

I got back from work later than normal, having done the shopping and loaded up on goodies to cheer her up. I got the mixture into the freezer, and as we don't have an ice cream maker, got into a routine of whisking every ten minutes while cooking the evenings

All went well, the ice cream began to solidify, and I seemed to be heading in the right culinary direction when tiredness caught up with me. I didn't mean to, but fumbled the dish in mid stir, the dish dropped vertically onto the floor, base first, the impact splashing big splodges of melting coconut milk and honey mixture liberally all over me, the kitchen floor and the dog, who ran for cover. I swore loudly. Thinking Mrs S had fallen, Landlord came running to help, but I managed to keep everyone out of the newly blodged kitchen before we all went for an impromptu skating session.

Fortunately only a third of the mixture was spilled, and I was able to complete the batch without contamination of the remainder. As far as Coconut ice cream is concerned; next time I'm going to buy the bloody stuff. Although having said that, I'm not so sure anyone makes Honey and Peanut Butter flavour Coconut ice cream outside of Thailand.


Angry Exile said...

Ice cream in Canada? Sounds on a par with Polartec fleeces and snow chains for summers down here. Mind you, it has been a crap summer.

Bill Sticker said...

Yes, Canadians eat Ice Cream. It's not all snow above the 49th parallel you know.

Not been so wonderful up here. We're on the same latitude as the Channel Islands and we still get snow out here on the Wet (Not a typo) Coast.

Angry Exile said...

I sense someone's missing the gulf stream :-)

Bill Sticker said...

Don't you mean the North Atlantic Drift that far from the tropics?

Miss it? Nah. Only if I can't undo my zip in time, as one deep sea fisherman said to another.

Angry Exile said...

Hadn't heard it referred to by that term. I thought it was gulf stream all the way to the north of Scotland. Well, you learn something new every day, and while I don't have any immediate use for this knowledge learning it was more pleasant than 'don't touch that, it'll bite and your whole arm will swell up'.

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