Sunday, 6 March 2011

Christchurch NZ since 22nd February 2011

Just ran the sequence of quakes since 22nd February and watched the following pattern emerging. Whilst the number of quakes has tailed off, aftershocks are still coming in at 3-4 magnitude, many at between the 5 and 8km depth level. At this point I'm wondering whether the current tremors indicate the formation of a new extension to the Greendale fault.

Webcams are still down in the centre of Christchurch, although most of the local traffic cams seem to be operative.

I'm still waiting for some moron highly qualified non-scientist / government adviser to blame the Christchurch quakes on 'Man made global warming'. Just so I can play 'spot the looney', and I'm not talking about the Canadian one Dollar coin.

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Angry Exile said...

Actually I think I have seen some cockdribble about weight redistribution from melting of the ice caps causing stress on the crust and triggering more earthquakes, so the kind of looney you're thinking of is out there. I'm not sure whether it was a misunderstanding of post glacial rebound, but it was either ignoring or ignorant of the fact it's been going on slowly for thousands of years.

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