Thursday, 26 February 2009

A sad day

I think I've upset someone at the UK Daily Telegraph. Not that I'm all that bothered about it, but it has led to any comments I try to post, no matter how mild or non-contentious, being blocked. It may also have something to do with my router firewall blocking ICMP pings. Well chaps; the sidebar is being edited, and I'll get my news further up the media food chain in future.

Quite frankly, the UK Daily Telegraph's content has been sliding downhill like a toboggan for the past twelve months. I keep on asking myself, where's the penetrating investigative journalism I used to respect and revere? The quality content? Instead I am increasingly disappointed to find 'stories' about one-time 'celebrities' taking up the front page and reams of what can only be described as formulaic guff. Guys, if I wanted to read about them I'd be reading the Sun or News of the World. Trust me, downmarket is not the way to go, you should be raising your game not lowering it. Mrs S has noticed, and often remarks "Bill, is there any real news in this?" whenever she sees my glum expression staring in quiet disbelief at an item.

It's rather sad, like watching a once mighty battleship being towed to the scrapyard, neutered and helpless, bullied along by craft it could previously have so effortlessly blown out of the water. One could almost be moved to pitying tears at the pathos.

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