Sunday, 22 February 2009

The return of...

For commenters who would like clarification about this blogs resurrection; I'm still living and working in British Columbia, Canada. The more I see in the mainstream media, the less I want to go back to the UK. However, I'm still maintaining my contacts over there. Even if only to indulge with some well-earned schadenfreude.

The new direction of the blog is Uncle Bill's tips for living and working in Canada. Oh yes, and the lighter side of life in comparison to the reported top down idiocy of the UK. In addition there will be helpful tips on who to talk to, what to do and where to go if you have troubles. All that jazz. Don't promise to have all the answers, but you can learn from my mistakes.

For those of you wishing to escape across the pond to a new life in a freer country, well there's pluses and minuses. The pluses are the better quality of life, better quality stuff, lower prices, huge vehicles; you could house an entire extended family in a Lincoln Navigator. Nicer people (At least where I live). Even officialdom has it's human side. The minuses are that officialdom over here can get really scary if you don't watch your step. Don't even think of trying to cross the Mounties, even if you've got a full dog sled team and rations for thirty days. Even the game wardens here are literally loaded for bear. Funnily enough I've seen a few of those too.

By the by, have been working on a little comic manuscript called 'Dear Doug', based on anecdotes and shared communications between ourselves and an old family friend here in BC while we were crossing the trans Canada highway from Victoria to CapeBreton, Nova Scotia, complete with marital discord over navigation and accomodation, and discovering my dogs hopeless addiction to Tim Hortons Doughnuts.

Watch this space.

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