Saturday, 5 January 2008

A note from the author

Resquiescat in pace Bill Sticker. Time to lay old Bill to rest. He served his purpose, keeping me sane during a very difficult part of my life. For over two years I needed somewhere to blow off steam anonymously about all those things I thought were wrong with the world or completely false.

Top down management
The petty frothing insanity of my fellow humans
Anthropogenic global warming

Everything that has happened to me during that time has only reinforced my views. However, I no longer need Bill as my mouthpiece. De mortuis si nil nisi bonum.

The Author


Leo said...

Hi Bill,

Your not going to stop I hope. I was just getting into your blog. You really do write very well.


CL said...

Hello there,

I found your blog when I was half-way through uni in the UK and have been reading it from several countries and two continents since. I'm not one for commenting as you may have guessed.

Thank you for your posts. I have learned much about the UK, society, humanity, management insanity and a lot else.

For some reason I don't quite understand, I always imagined "Bill Sticker" as someone not unlike an older chap having a beer in a pub and venting his spleen and sharing stories - think military veteran or some such*. All in all, someone interesting to listen to.

Now it feels a bit as if the pub is closing. There is the odd feeling of melancholy knowing that I'll probably never bump into Bill Sticker again. Knowing that he has arrived at better pastures is a good thing of course.

Anyway, I will keep my RSS subscription to your blog and smile should my reader flag an update, whenever that may be, if at all.

And if not, the bookmark will stay there just the same as a small reminder of good reading for several years. For what it may be worth as a compliment: I'm a bit choosy when it comes to that and my IQ is somewhere high, 'nuff said.

All the best to you, Mrs Sticker, the rest of your family, and of course: your dog.

A long-time reader, who will certainly wonder sometimes what became of you.

* I know, you're probably younger than I imagine, especially if you were in IT previously. But just roll with the mental imagery if you don't mind.

JeremyF said...

Hi Bill, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have even added one or two pedantic comments over the last few months. Are you recording your BC experiences in yet another blog or has the seam of writing been mined out? Kind regards JeremyF

Robert said...

I hope Canada works out for you and the missus. You've picked one of the best bits of our fair land to settle in, anyway. Welcome aboard :-)

Anonymous said...

Buddy, are you ever coming back? How's life going with you?

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