Sunday, 25 November 2007

Too much

I'm really going to have to give up reading the political blogs and the 'Comment' sections of the UK press. There really are some seriously strange people out there. Stranger than me in fact.

I read comments about how 'the Government should do something' when the reason for the problem itself is UK Government intervention itself. UK Governments as a whole appear to be remarkably over rated when it comes down to solving problems and often get it completely wrong.

The UK Education system is in a mess - Central Government intervention.
The UK Police don't get out on Patrol enough - Central Government instigated changes to procedure (The CPS for one).
Local Government Services are costing more and delivering less - Central Government interference and insistance on 'compliance'.
The NHS is a moribund mess - Central Government interference.
The Tax offices can't keep our details secure - Central Government appointees and adherence to ill thought through 'procedures'.

In fact I can't think of a single thing the 'Top down' management model as practiced by the current UK (And previous) administrations can't royally fuck up. No wonder Mrs S and I are bailing out of Britain (Along with over two hundred thousand plus others per year). Our two girls have evinced a desire to follow us into the sunset when they finish the next round of their studies, so with luck our families putative next generation will be Canadian born. So long as they don’t provoke the RCMP by throwing a paddy (Or a Pole – sorry, bad taste there) at the airport, we should be laughing.

Anyway, there have been Orca’s out in the channel today so my neighbours tell me and I'm stepping away from the keyboard tomorrow to see if I can see them.

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Haddock said...

As you know I left the UK years ago, and I will never return. It's seriously gone downhill. My brother and family are currently in the process to emigrate to Australia. Britain has gone to the dogs.

Hope you and yours have a good life in Canada . You deserve it! :)

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