Saturday, 23 April 2011

Maastricht and Lisbon

A small penny dropped this afternoon. Perhaps it's just me being thick and getting the joke long after the punchline, but the thought occurs that both the Treaty of Maastricht and the Treaty of Lisbon were signed and ratified by UK Prime Ministers who had taken over from the previous incumbent without a general election to give them a proper mandate.

Major who took over from Thatcher signed the Maasstricht treaty.

Brown who had his Buggins turn after Blair signed the Lisbon treaty.

Gentlemen (and of course non male gentlefolk) draw your conclusions. Could both treaties be invalidated on these grounds? Probably not, but we can wish. can't we?

Biggest joke is Soros trying to shoehorn Brown into the top IMF job. I think Soros must want the IMF to collapse. Because such an event is certain with such a complete fiscal idiot as Brown at the helm. Or has Soros lost so big on the flatlining Carbon futures market that he's desperate to make money some other way? Mm-hm.


Angry Exile said...

In grudging defence of Major he did hold an election in the middle of it all, between signing the treaty and ratifying it. It could be claimed that there was a democratic mandate or he'd have been out on his arse in 92, though of course that overlooks the enormous contribution to the Tory campaign that was made just by Kinnock being the alternative.

Bill Sticker said...

It would be a very grudging defence indeed. The politicians do what they please and devil take the hindmost.

And where's Neil Kinnock now? An EU Commissioner. Along with all the other political rejects.

Angry Exile said...

Oh yes, and looking at the EU there's no shortage of cushy jobs there that have been given to people who've lost elections in there own countries. Romano Prodi lost power in Italy and promptly spent the next five years as president of the bloody European Commission - basically until he could be PM again. Chris Patten was on it at the same time having been without a nice sinecure since being sent to Honkers basically to hand it back on time. And then of course there's the Mandelsnake, caught once too often to be a credible MP and sent off to be a Euro Commissioner instead.

Looking at the current mob Barroso got bumped up from being Portuguese PM shortly before his part lost an election and Baroness Ashton was made Commissioner in a swap for the Mandelsnake having helped get the Constitreaty through. That's off the top of my head. Wouldn't be surprised if there were more like that if we started looking at the CVs of all the commissioners. In fact I'd be surprised if there weren't. Maybe I'll look later.

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