Family life

Just as an observation; I was in the local library yesterday and sat down in a corner to read. Looking up, I found my eyes taken by titles on the shelves about being a Mother, Father, Stepmother or Grandparent, and negotiating the minefields of puberty, but none for Stepfathers. In this day and age, when more and more people are dealing with the difficulties of fragmented families, that is an horrendous oversight.

Or perhaps the publishers / librarians think we who find ourselves raising children we have not sired do not merit such a tome. Or perhaps that we don't care enough / are too busy to read about it? I'm sure there are books out there on the topic.

I know it's a tricky subject. Doing it for real (for me) has proven a rollercoaster ride of torn loyalties, hopeful beginnings, tortured todays and hopeful futures. So far.

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