Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday summary

Living where and as I do, I've decided to take a far more relaxed attitude to the scaremongers and puritans of this life. In similar vein, comedian Robin Williams had useful advice for young women in danger of being involuntarily deflowered; "Point and laugh." Although kicking purveyor of unwanted affection in the family jewels, then running like hell might be a good addendum to this concept. Pain, as is often observed, is a great teacher.

In the UK, Camerons clowns continue to throw taxpayer dollar at gruesome 'green' policies while indulging in swingeing defence cuts. Then they undertake yet another grandstanding military mission in foreign lands. Why not just cut the green subsidies altogether and not have to sack members of the armed forces (on active duty, via e-mail - WTF!). Jeez, some people just cannot wake up and smell the coffee.

Facebook 'reminders' on a profile I asked to be deleted many moons ago are still ending up in my spam filter. It seems that their espoused 'ethics' of freedom of expression are as wafer thin as their ability to delete profiles when requested. Especially when the Facebook pages of those espousing an overtly sceptical bent have been suffering censorship. Porn is one thing. Dissenting opinion another. All together now; point at Facebook, and in hissing tones, shout "Hypocrites!"

Over at the doughty Inspector Gadget blog the saga of how Diversity Coordination appears to be more important than core function continues. This appears to be a local authority infection, raging unchecked. A massive injection of P45's into the upper echelons and affected areas appears to be the only possible cure. Immediate high amputation may result should symptoms persist, Failing that, the demise of the entire organism.

The Netherlands US and UK intend to take legal action against the Icelanders regarding their bank collapse. The Icelanders decision not to sell future generations into tax servitude, and who the money is owed to comes under the magnifying glass (via Old Holborn) here.

All the time, those in power try to cover their arses (and their larcenous tracks) by inserting get out of jail clauses (Via the Ranting Penguin) for MP's into fraud legislation. Hang on a minute, doesn't that directly impact on the law's impartiality? Effectively creating an unaccountable ruling political class? That's very brave of them. Especially considering how similar regimes always seem to end up.

Ah well. Time for coffee.


Angry Exile said...

Re Basefuck sending you email for a not as dead as it should be account, the reasons could be in here, especially the last couple. There's a useful link in there too.

Bill Sticker said...

Already went both the long and short routes trying to delete my Facebook account. Short of Nuking all their servers, I don't see what else I can do. Mind you, the section on Apple products has put me right off getting an iPad or iTouch.

Angry Exile said...

Yeah, I'm also an iPhone/smartphone, iTouch, iPad refusenik, though mainly for more prosaic reasons. In that order I'm too tight to shell out that much when all I really want is to be able to make phone calls when I'm out, I have a perfectly serviceable 4th generation iPod and have found out how to vastly extend its life when the drive eventually goes, and I can't see what a tablet that sounds like a feminine hygiene product can do for me that my $2,000 MacBook can't. On top of that I've had some QC issues with that MacBook which Apple refused to fix under warranty once they decided a $1200 logic board was needed (it isn't, or at least I don't believe so - it needs a small ribbon cable that I don't imagine costs more than a few bucks, possibly even cents). Their desktop devices, like the Mac Pro I'm using right now, are excellent and my old style iPod has done very well, but their newer portable products I have little faith in. The GPS enabled stuff iPhone/Pad stuff is a secondary concern since you can apparently opt out of the service and you can certainly turn the GPS off. Still not interested in a GPS enabled phone, especially when I already have a satnav, but the targeted ads thing is easy enough to get rid of that it would be very low on the list of things that make me not want it.

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